New Commercial Packaged Heat Pumps with X-Vane™ Fan Technology

Delivering the Future of Innovation Today: 
The Industry's First Beltless Direct-Drive Vane Axial Fan
for Commercial Packaged Heat Pumps

Innovative X-Vane Fan Technology in a Packaged Heat Pump RTU
Day & Night® engineers have adapted their patented X-Vane™ Fan Technology for use in commercial packaged heat pump rooftop units (RTUs). The X-Vane fan is the industry's first beltless direct-drive vane axial fan for RTUs. It's unlike traditional commercial belt-driven fan systems.

Positioned horizontally within the rooftop cabinet, the X-Vane fan utilizes an ECM motor and a vane axial fan for improved performance and energy efficiency. New technology, reduced maintenance and set-up costs, and quiet operation mean Day & Night is delivering the future of innovation today.

Here are a few of the benefits of this innovative X-Vane Fan Technology: 

Day & Night Commercial Packaged Heat Pumps with X-Vane Fan Technology

RHV Standard Efficiency Packaged Heat Pump Models

RHW High Efficiency Packaged Heat Pump Models

Want to offer your customers the latest in commercial rooftop technology, performance and efficiency? Contact your distributor to order the Day & Night RHV and RHW Packaged Heat Pumps with X-Vane Fan Technology today!