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How to Effectively Refresh Your Brand

A Rebranding Checklist Can Help You Cover All the Bases

The idea of a brand refresh or a total rebranding of your heating and cooling business may seem daunting. However, there are some advantages. According to Taylor Cain in his article, Brand Strategy: The Top Five Benefits of Rebranding, "...keeping the look and feel of your brand fresh and current can be the key to keeping your company at the top of your industry."1

In addition, there are benefits associated with rebranding: 

  1. Reaching new customers. 
  2. Differentiating your company from your competitors. 
  3. Ensuring your brand look, feel, and personality are current. 
  4. Showcasing new products, services, goals, or values. Your business is always evolving!
  5. Increasing your bottom line.1

Whether you decide to update a few visual elements or give your company a complete brand makeover, you may need some guidance to ensure you cover all the bases. Our rebranding checklist can help you hit a branding home run!

Prep for the Big Game
In our Brand Marketing 101 article, we talked about how to analyze and refine your brand marketing strategy by understanding your brand purpose, knowing your target audience, defining your story, knowing your competitors, and creating your unique brand guidelines. 

Now that you have an updated brand marketing plan for your business that might include a refresh of your logo, business colors, fonts, tagline, key values, images and/or messaging, you may be wondering how to integrate these new elements into your overall business strategy. It all starts with a plan and a checklist. 

Develop a Winning Rebranding Strategy
In her article, Rebranding Checklist: How to Successfully Rebrand Your Company, Haley Dobart explains the importance of having a rebranding plan that covers key areas of the business, including: 

  1. Logistical/Legal
  2. Visual/Digital
  3. Internal.2

Let's analyze these categories in more detail so you can successfully refine and refresh your business brand. Check these assets off your list as you go!

1. Logistical/Legal: Before you dive into the rebrand, you need to lay some general groundwork for your plan: 

2. Visual/Digital: You may need to update some or all of your visual/digital assets depending on the extent of your rebranding efforts (i.e., updated logo, tagline, company colors, mission, values, images, and/or messaging). Think about everything you put your business logo on now and jot those items down. Your visual and digital presence can include: 

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3. Internal: As Dobart explains "This is normally the last step of a rebrand because it can occur behind the scenes without the public being aware. However, making sure to catch every last instance of old branding or an old name goes a long way to bring personal ownership to a new name or identity."2

Internal assets can include: 

Hit a Branding Home Run
If it's been a while since you analyzed your brand marketing strategy, consider reading Brand Marketing 101. It may be time to refine it and build additional brand awareness. Then, use this checklist to ensure you have all your bases covered: logistical/legal, visual/digital, and internal areas should be updated with your new brand marketing approach. Batter up...and hit a branding home run!

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